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Complete MasterSets NOW AVAILABLE for immediate download:


InService Sets A to F

are of THEOLOGICAL topics

presented with the perspective of Teachers and Catechists in mind.

InService Set A: The Catechetical Process

InService Set B: The Catechism of the Catholic Church

InService Set C: Jesus Christ, the Heart of Catechesis

InService Set D: The New and Old Testaments

InService Set E: Moral Education and Morality

InService Set F: Liturgy and Prayer in Religious Education

InService Sets 1 to 9

topics presented with the perspective of Teachers and Catechists in mind.

InService Set 1: Learning Theories and Practices


InService Set 2: Discipline and Classroom Management

InService Set 3: Lesson Planning

InService Set 4: Methods for Various Developmental Levels

InService Set 5: Arts and Crafts in Religious Ed

InService Set 6: Choosing Audio-Visuals for Religious Ed

InService Set 7: Enhancing Rel.Ed. with Drama

InService Set 8: Games and Puzzles in Rel.Ed.

InService Set 9: Special Needs Religious Education

InGathering for Youth

InGathering for Youth #1

(Relationships w/God, parents, friends)

InGathering for Youth #2

InGathering for Youth #3

InGathering for Youth #4

InGathering for Youth #5

Baptism Program MasterSet

Baptism Preparation MasterSet

Baptism: Becoming A Catholic MasterSet

Reconciliation Program MasterSet

Reconciliation Preparation MasterSet

Peace and Forgiveness Day MasterSet

Confirmation Program MasterSet

Confirmation Candidates MasterSet

Spirit Day MasterSet

Communion Program MasterSet

Communicants MasterSet

Jesus Day MasterSet

Keeping In Touch with PARENTS (Sets 7, 8, & 9)

Keeping In Touch with PARENTS (Sets 4, 5, & 6)

Keeping In Touch with PARENTS (Sets 1, 2, & 3)

Keeping In Touch with PARISH MINISTERS

Keeping In Touch with LECTORS


Keeping In Touch with Altar Servers (SETs 1&2)

Religious Education Administration KITs (1&2)

Keeping In Touch All Seasons

Religious Education Certificate KIT

Keeping In Touch Liturgy MEMOS (Cycles A, B, and C)

Keeping In Touch Communications KITs (Fall, Winter, Spring, Anytime)

Keeping In Touch with Catholic School Teachers (KITs 1&2)

Celebrating The Father

Celebrating Jesus

Celebrating The Holy Spirit

Celebrating Angels

Celebrating The Church

Celebrating Holy Days and Holidays

Celebrating Mary

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Celebrating Ordinary Time

Celebrating Advent

Celebrating Christmastime

Celebrating Lent

Celebrating Eastertime

Celebrating The Saints (Sets 1 to 6)


The RCIA Coordinator & Candidate MasterSets

The RCIA Lenten Faith-Journal MasterSet

The RCIA Day Master Set

Keeping In Touch with RCIA (KITs 1&2)

RCIA Notes on Catholicism (Sets 1-6)


Learning About Justice & Peace

Learning About Jesus

Learning About the Old Testament

Learning About the New Testament

Learning About Morality

Learning About World Religions

Learning About Catholicism

Learning About the Creed

Learning About the Ten Commandments

Learning About the Mass

Learning About the Church

Learning About the Sacraments

Learning About Jesus' Parables

Learning About the Works of Mercy

Learning About Matrimony

Learning About the Beatitudes

Patterns & Shapes for Religious Education (Sets 1-6)

Part-Taking in the Gospel: Lent and Holy Week

Part-Taking in the Gospel: Easter and Pentecost

Part-Taking in the Gospel: Sundays of the Year

The Apostles Creed/ El Credo MasterSets

Creed Reflections for Children MasterSet

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