Frequently Asked Questions

About Off-the-Net MasterSets

What is a MasterSet?

A MasterSet is a set of 8.5 by 11 inch pages, each of which can be duplicated for use in diocesan, parish, or school settings. There are almost 300 sets, covering a wide variety of topics in Catholic catechetics. The sets range from 25 to 58 pages per set, depending upon the title. These are available as Off-the-Net or Hard Copy MasterSets.

What is a PDF?

The Off-the-Net MasterSets are presented as PDF files. A PDF is a computer file using the special formatting known as the Portable Document Format. To use a PDF, you do not have to have the programs or applications which created the document in order to view and print that document. However, you do need a PDF Reader, which may already be installed on your computer,

What if I don't have a PDF Reader?

If you do not have any PDF Reader, free download and installation is available from ADOBE. This link will give you access to picking the best one for your computer.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is a leader in security technology and state-of-the-art technology to help prevent fraud, enabling you to pay safely. When you pay with PayPal, your credit card and bank numbers are never seen by the seller or merchant. Your financial information stays safe. Plus, you’re protected 100% against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes. When you choose to purchase an Off-the-Net MasterSet, you are brought to a PayPal window where you can select any of the major credit cards. You do not need to have a PayPal account to order, but that option is offered there as well.

PayPal also offers the option of eCheck. However, the eCheck Payment will remain "Uncleared" until the funds have cleared from the sender's account, which usually takes 4 business days. For immediate access to your download, credit card payment is the preferred method.

What if my parish/ school does not use a credit card?

If purchase for Parish or School is made with a Personal Credit Card, a payment verification invoice is available for your submission to your parish finance office for your reimbursement. Each transaction includes that invoice in the e-mail you receive with the download link to your MasterSet.

You can purchase JP II Resources' Off-the-Net MasterSets without using credit cards, online payments, or Paypal. Simply open, print, and fill in the Order Form.pdf and mail it with your payment. Upon receipt of your order and check, you will receive an email containing the PDF of the items which you ordered. After you transfer your purchased PDF to a location on your computer, you can print copies of all or selected pages, and store the MasterSet on your computer for future use.

Can Diocesan Offices purchase MasterSets?

Yes, and many Catholic archdioceses and dioceses already have various MasterSets as hard copies in their resource centers, avaiable for in-house review. However, the copyright licensing does not permit "loaning" these MasterSets for parish use. The personnel of the diocesan offices may use these resources, for instruction and demonstration only, in their specific ministries to the parishes and schools.

What copyright permissions are there for MasterSets?

Grant of License: The purchase of this Master Set™ includes your institution's one-time license fee. As licensee, you have a non-transferable right to duplicate the materials for your purchasing institution. No part of these Master Sets™ may be reproduced for use in publications to be sold or transferred for use at other institutions.

How many copies may I make?

There is no limit to the number of copies you make or may reproduce in your parish's bulletin or school's notes to parents. Instructional resources can be used year after year.

Can I order hard copies of the MasterSets?

Yes, the same MasterSets can be ordered as printed copies. These come bound in a folder with a removable plastic spine. Order typically ships the same day your order is received and has transit time of 2 to 6 business days, depending on location. Shipping and handling fees are additional.

How do I order pins and/or journals?

As with ordering hard copies of MasterSets, quantities of pins and journals may be ordered by way of Phone (908-862-4804) or Fax (908-862-6125) or Email: click

Can I order an Off-the-Net MasterSet from a computer other than mine?

Yes, but that process may require a bit of a work-around because the download link is sent to the purchaser's computer by email. Once the download link is accessed and the PDF is saved to the downloading computer, the PDF file can be backed up, saved, and transported by means of any portable disk to be placed on a different computer.

With whom am I allowed to share the MasterSet?

Obviously, all the MasterSets are meant to be shared as a resource within your local ministry, meaning for your parish or school programs. It would be a correct and ethical use of these materials to, for example, make a copy for a teacher, or e-mail certain pages to a team member, or make 20 copies of a page for a class of students. However, we ask, since these computer documents are so portable, that you refrain from disseminating them outside of the terms of the copyright permission. Please refer neighboring parishes or schools which have interest in our resources to visit our website for purchasing legal copies for their own use.

May I place a MasterSet on my parish or school website?

No. That use or any other uses that would place the MasterSet in the "public domain" would be contrary to the terms of the copyright permission and licensing. However, as above, it would be a correct and ethical use of these materials to, for example, make a copy for a teacher, or e-mail certain pages to a team member, or make 20 copies of a page for a class of students.

How large are the PDF files?

The file sizes of PDFs are much smaller than the files of the applications which created them. Typically, the file size of the Off-the-Net MasterSet averages 1.6 MB. Some of the 50-plus page double MasterSets approach 3 MB. Download times, of course, vary with the speed of your computer's connection to the internet.

Can I "cut and paste" on pages of the MasterSet?

Yes, but only after you have made a hard copy from the PDF. Since the PDFs are mostly "scanned" files, the text cannot be modified on screen because pages are each saved as a "graphic" representation. It is also the nature of PDFs to be finished documents, not lending to changes in page layout. Some original PDFs may be modifiable if you have a suitable, usually expensive, PDF application.

What if I want more than a single title?

At present, the download process does not have a "shopping cart" style of checkout and payment. This means that Off-the-Net MasterSets are purchased one at a time. This gives the purchaser a little more transparent control of the process.

Additional titles, especially of a series, are set for easy return to the description page.

Can I order a whole series of MasterSets?

Yes, most "series" type of MasterSets are grouped as such. By going back to the series' webpage of descriptions, you can choose additional sets for download. Each MasterSet selection becomes a separate purchase and is sub-totaled for a single purchase on your credit card (or PayPal) account.

How can I contact JP II Resources?

The best way to contact us is through e-mail. You should have reply in less than 24 hours.

Email: click

Well-informed assistance is also available by phone or fax.

What can I do if my download gets "lost"?

Actually, your file is never lost. Remember, at the first download of the PDF, you must SAVE it to a location on your hard drive. There is a 48-hour window for you to access your download link. If you accidentally miss that time-frame, we will provide a "courtesy re-authorization" if you contact us within 30 days of your purchase date.

How long does it take for me to receive my download?

You should be able to download immediately after paying for your item at PayPal and the payment is posted (e-checks take a few days for clearing). Once you click on the "Continue" link at PayPal, you will be taken to a download page. If the order has not been processed, or the payment is pending, then you will receive an email with the download links when the transaction has completed.