JP II Resources presents:

Classic Books

in Religious Education and Related Fields

Our Goal:

In hopes of providing a service requested by many of our national and international customers, we have launched a classic book resource center. Those serving in schools, parishes, diocesan offices, religious education centers, retreat houses, community houses of formation, prisons, hospitals, missions, military base chapels, etc. have expressed a wide variety of interest in these vintage books. We shall attempt to respond to those requests.

Related Fields Include:

  • Catechetics
  • Education
  • Educational & Church History
  • Educational Psychology
  • Encyclicals & Pastoral Letters
  • Family Catechesis
  • Liturgy
  • Methodology
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Religious Novels
  • Scripture
  • Spirituality
  • Teacher Manuals
  • Textbooks
    • Adult Ed
    • High School
    • Jr. High School
    • Elementary
    • Early Childhood
  • Theology
  • Youth Ministry

Uses of these Resources:

  • To establish a resource library for catechists, teachers & parishioners
  • To prepare parents for Family Catechesis
  • To provide resources for Home-Schooling
  • To add to a personal collection of classics
  • To assist parishes and schools in resourcing staff
  • To preserve classics and collectibles
  • To help religious institutions in need of resources
  • To offer volunteers and staff access to vintage resources
  • To gain personal enrichment
  • To maintain participantsŐ interest in a variety of related fields
  • To give access to those who do not have a means to read classic resources
  • To facilitate a connection to the past, to learn, build, adapt and grow
  • To supplement materials already available to teachers and catechists
  • To stimulate creativity in the teaching/learning process
  • To support Intergenerational and Whole Community Catechesis