Bible Adventures

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The Bible Adventures Series

Sets One to Five

Great for Summer Program or School use.
Take your children to the Holy Land, the places where Jesus lived and worke
This series follows the New Testament chronology from the stories and places of the Annunciation to Pentecost.

Each Master Set™ includes:
• Story Sheets and discussion questions for “guides”
• A passport book, a map for the journey
• Puzzles, games, plays, coloring sheets, arts, crafts
• Simple songs sung to familiar melodies.

Bible Adventure themes are flexible and easily adapted (grades 1–6). Suggestions are given to help custom design your program based on age and interest level of the children.

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Bible Adventure


1. Nazareth (The Annunciation)
2. Judah (The Visitation)
3. Bethlehem (The Nativity)
4. Jerusalem (The Presentation)
5. Egypt (The Flight Into Egypt)

Bible Adventure


1. Jerusalem (Lost in the Temple)
2. The Jordan River (The Baptism of Jesus)
3. Capernaum (Call of the Apostles)
4. Cana (The Wedding Feast)
5. Galilee (Work of the Apostles)

Bible Adventure


1. Mount of Beatitudes (Sermon on the Mount)
2. Bethany (Martha, Mary and Lazarus)
3. Samaria (Woman at the Well)
4. Jericho (Zacchaeus, Bartimaeus)
5. Bethsaida (Loaves and Fishes)

Bible Adventure


1. Mount Tabor (The Transfiguration)
2. Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)
3. Mount Zion (The Last Supper)
4. Gethsemani (Garden of Olives)
5. Golgotha (Crucifixion on Mt. Calvary)

Bible Adventure

Set Five

1. Jerusalem (The Resurrection)
2. Emmaus (The Meeting on the Road)
3. Sea of Tiberius (Jesus Appears to Apostles)
4. Bethany (The Ascension)
5. Jerusalem (Pentecost)

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